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Originally Posted by invssgt
Horse manure. Crime is an ethics issue. There are a good many of us who grew up in the lower income brackets- and did not choose a life of crime. Sell that song & dance somewhere else.
No offense, but you're an idiot. I certainly hope you don't have a degree from any university with that kind of logic.

1. Based on your logic, since I'm white, and I don't have a felonly, that would mean that no other white people have felonies. It's the same thing. You said that you grew up poor, and you didn't choose a life of crime, so that means nobody else did either

2. It's proven statistically, again-proven statistically, that people who are in the lowest income bracket commit more crimes. Is this really that hard to understand people? Scrap your G.E.D and go get a real education.
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