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If I recall, to paraphrase Samuel Clemens, "To say that clothes do not make the man is utter nonsense! No naked man since Adam has had any worthwhile impact on society!"

And then a comment from G. B. Trudeau (also paraphrased), "Are you judged by how you dress? Certainly! If you walked into the boardroom of a Fortune 500 corporation wearing the attire of a Hamas terrorist you would have no justification whatsoever in feeling outrage at the immediate and clearly biased reactions you would receive!"

Clearly, then, we must anticipate the reverse is also true, as Friday, from the Addams Family answered, when questioned about her aparrent lack of a costume; "I'm a homicidal maniac. I look just like everyone else!"

I have a sociological baseline of living in near seclusion in the mountains. When venturing out and going even to the flats and Denver, I find I recognize clear behavioral patterns of predator and prey amidst the egoconcentric and often vapid horde. It's cause for cautious and oblique, unobtrusive curiosity.

Absolutely, I profile.

I am not dinner.

. . . and cello sonatas fill the air. . .

"The blessing lies not in living, merely, but in living well!"
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