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failure to fire

Dear Contender and Encore owners:
I apologize - I didn't sleep last nite after my post!

Us old cantankerous farts have a right to get raunchy and cantakerous once in a while. I hate the things! Can't help it - it is an irrational thing with me.
To me a rifles looks like a rifle, not some twisted freak! A muzzle-loader to me is not a "bubble-packed" abortion that uses no real black powder and a sabot (from the French) and a pistol bullet - a real muzzle-loader is a long-rifle that used flint or percussion cap with a real Goex 2FG powder charge and a greased patched round ball!
My last big gun was a 62 cal Hawken style that I made the set triggers by hand! It is a rifle.
UH! OH! there I'm at it again, aren't I?
Us old fellas just can't behave.
Good posts fellas!
Harry B.
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