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Dear Shooter:
The Thompson Center muzzle-loaders were good, out of the box rifles, but the Encore, and its ilk I will not have in my shop! The Contender also!
I know they are popular, I know they shoot, but I wouldn't shoot one or hunt with one! I'll get flak for this but our boys in the "Big One" flew through lots of it!
I don't like the Encores looks, I don't like the bbl. change idea and they are not handguns, but hand cannons! They are chambered for rifle cartridges that belong in rifles, not handguns!
Harry B.
Why would you make such a choice for your customers? That?s like saying," I won't have a magnum rifle in my shop because magnums are over rated and just not necessary." OR; " I won't have a Winchester trapper or marlin 1894 in my shop because they fire rounds that belong in a pistol." The encores and contenders are solid working designs and are bought by people who know what they want.
Hey, that's what we all want in a gun dealer or other salesman, un-qualified BIAS.
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