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OAL and magazines

In a word, Yes. Often a cartridge long enough to work properly in the bore will be too long for the magazine. Sad, isn't it. So you need to make a choice. Use your rifle as a single shot to use the most accurate load you can build, or a less accurate load that will fit in your mag. Many factors go into that choice. In my varmint rifles, a singe shot is just fine.

Case= 6mm Remington
Projectile= Hornady 75gr hp

Using an O.A.L guage and a comparter I determined the maximum overall length to minimize freebore travel. I then deducted .030 from that figure. I then made up a dummy round and chambered it. It went in smooth and there were no marks on brass or copper to indicate any contact.

However the new length does not work well for the magazine in my model 700 Remington.

Is This Normal?????????
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