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Unclenick, your post is a good candidate for a sticky thread - or would've been if this were a common problem. okievarmint, what you (and possibly others I might've missed) suggested was exactly what a gunsmith did - yes, I took it to a gunsmith. Well, kinda what he did. He just used a long threaded tool. He made $25 + a good laugh (not complaining though, it was well deserved)

Bottomline: I'm alive and well. The gun is alive and well. As a bonus, the bore snake is alive and well (that partially pays for the $25 ). As a microbonus, the filthy patch that liked it in the barrel so much it wouldn't get out, is alive and well and was given to me along with the rest of stuff. Just in case you are wondering - no, I'm not planning to use it again; it's going right into "memorabilia" closet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for advice and sympathy, I love you all... yes, in a purely manly kind of way.

I'm sure to remember this: nothing that has "snake" in it's definition is fully harmless.

Regards! -Off to grab a beer to celebrate the bore liberation.

P.S. Harley Quinn - who's Das Boot? what happened to him?
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