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Harry I agree with you in that if one can handle the recoil get a smaller gun. But, in this case it is not so much to make the gun less painful as to allow for faster follow up shots. The end is a result of recoil reduction but the goal it for faster shots. This particular gun will be used by an Army sniper. The performance is similar to the 338 Lapua. With a 300 gr Sierra matchking (BC .768) at 2750 fps (at the muzzle) it has 5036 ft/lbs of energy. At 1 mile it is still 1129 fps. and 849 ft/lbs of energy. I've never shot past 800 yrds, but he regularly shoots over 1000 yrd. It's a pretty awesome round.

Most of the ones I put on are not going to be shot past 200 yrds. I've done several for LE snipers that may have to make a fast follow up shot.

I also disagree with you. I have had folks that come to me with their hunting rifle wanting a brake installed. They want to shoot a rifle that they feel confident it has the ability to make a clean kill. But, they have an injury that makes it difficult to shoot a heavy caliber. In this case I would recommend it.

They are loud:barf: but they work.

I guess in the case of Dinosaurs and a hawkins a fast follow up would be more stress related and not recoil.
"Fast is Fine but accuracy is final.".....Wyatt Earp.

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