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Thanks for that link. It's too bad that scumbag it ONLY just sitting in jail waiting for trial. He deserves a lot more then that for assaulting that cop like that.

But then you see a story like this next one and you have to wonder just what the hell is going on.
A northern Texas police officer was on trial April 18 to face assault charges for actions captured by his dashboard camera.
Irving, Texas, police officer Daniel Miller faced Jose Palomino in a Dallas County courtroom.
In January 2006, Miller's dashboard camera videotaped him pepper spraying and striking Palomino, an undocumented immigrant, following a traffic stop.
Investigations of the incident revealed that Palomino is mentally challenged, does not speak English and therefore did not understand the commands Miller was shouting.
Dallas prosecutors say the officer went too far because the situation did not warrant his actions.
Look at this: The problem is this guy does not understand any of the cops commands and then the cop continues to beat him even after his backup arrives and has the guy in handcuffs. I wonder if it's normal procedure to make someone lay on the ground during a traffic stop in Texas? There must be thousands of non-English speaking people in Texas. Don't you think that this police officer might have thought just maybe this guy didn't speak English and didn't understand his commands. I'm not a cop but it didn't look like this guy was a threat, he even looked like he was trying to comply but was unsure what the cop wanted. Remember they said this guy was mentally challenged also. Now he's going to be rich too! Am I way off base here or what?
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