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First thanks for commenting everyone. My view of it as the tape presents it,(now knowing what the full story is), is that as another poster said the officer seemed a bit to relaxed. I think that's the one thing that gets all of us though is becoming to confident. I remember my dad telling me when I bought my first motorcycle that as soon as I got to comfortable that's when I'd wreck and sure enough. I wanna say too that I did not post the video to say 'Hey look at the sloppy job the LEO did wow he got his butt kicked good, I would have done....(insert Rambo comment here)', but I posted it to see what others,especially LEOs, would say training wise. i think it's a huge necessity for LEOs,military,and even the concealed carry citizen to always be prepared and be trained and ready. I'm very glad that the end of the tape does show someone rushing to help the officer out and hope everything went better from there. in response to another poster who asked how many CC's would have helped the officer, I would expect someone to at least do something, call 911, jump in, even shoot the guy. I'm sure the DA wouldn't prosecute for you killing a guy that was trying to seriously injure or kill a LEO. Just my opinion though.
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