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Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. It's easy to say "Oh in that line of work you can't afford to make mistakes". EVERYONE makes mistakes once in a while. It's easy to look at the video and rag out on the LEO and say he should have done this or he shouldn't have done that. The fact is that he is still alive. The suspect is the one that should be ragged out on. This piece of filth appeared to be not only wanting to hurt, but had the face of RAGE. He appeared to want to kill the LEO. He did not and have any intentions of going back to prison. Those who use certain words to rag on the LEO probably are not LEO's. And if they are, i'm sure they have a perfect work record and never made a mistake. Also the bystander needs some recognition for helping the LEO out. How many of us who CC would have helped this officer out? Yeah right.
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