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Now here is the real question... perp turned and assaulted the cop, the cop backed up facing the perp, but didn't draw. Why?
From the tape I'd say that the cop was mentally totally unprepared for the incident. Had he approached the incident with the proper mind set his reaction time would have likely been much faster. It takes a moment for the mind to realize that this is really happening when going from a relaxed state. That?s the nature of being human. He broke several standard rules and paid for it.
The perp obviously had already decided on his course of action before the cop opened the door. His mind and body was prepared. I'd like to know if the perp had a warrant out on him or if he and his associate had just committed a crime but had they their adrenaline would likely have been pumping prior to the cop reaching the door.
To the cops credit, during the assault he kept the perps hand trapped on his gun side. That was the only real aspect of USD training I saw.
While many cops are arrogant and on a power trip, you can't automatically assume this one is. He just screwed up.
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