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Lazy, sloppy, arrogant, overconfidant...a lot of words come to mind.
OK, someone needs to stand up for the police officer, so I guess it will be me. It is easy to be a monday-morning quarterback, but sometimes things go wrong; remember, this officer doesn't have the luxery of sitting behind a computer and making comments after the fact. He actually has to make the split-second decisions, and physically deal with a dangerous person.

Was the officer caught off-guard? Obviously. But the officer is doing his best in a bad situation. It is not like the officer is throwing up his hands and saying, "please don't hit me, I give up." I'd say that considering the CRIMINAL had the element of surprise, the officer did pretty well in preventing the CRIMINAL from disarming the officer. Sometimes you have to do the best that you can do in a bad situation.

I'm glad that those of you who are so caustic with your comments always do your jobs perfectly. Could the officer have done things better? Probably. But please refrain from the insulting comments. Want to talk about tactics? Fine by me. But don't simply make general comments about how "lazy" or "arrogent" the officer was. Maybe he had called to backup. Maybe there were other things/circumstances that the video doesn't show.
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