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Lazy, sloppy, arrogant, overconfidant...a lot of words come to mind.

Did he already request backup? If not, why? (lazy, sloppy)

If backup was on its way, why didn't he wait? (overconfidant)

Why open the door? Why get so close? (arrogant)

-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- was he doing parking on one side of an automatic gate, and going to the other side?! As you saw in the video, the gate was closing while he was getting pummeled. What if he was stuck on the other side, away from assistance, or the safety of his vehicle?

Yes, his fellow cops could hop the gate, but that's additional seconds.

Most gates have bump sensors that keep the gate from closing if a car is obstructing it, so why not park so as to keep it open for backup to pull in?

He could just have easily driven into the driveway on their side, blocked the way with his vehicle, and kept a vehicle between him and the subjects, using verbal commands until backup arrived.

I also saw him make a grab for his gun, but didn't complete the action, instead choosing to shield his head, rather than using his weapon.

Perhaps he was keeping his gun in his holster to keep it from getting grabbed, or maybe he was too busy covering his head to draw it...who knows.

Lucky for him that the driver was more interested in leaving the scene than helping his homey beat down a cop!

What would the cop have done with TWO people beating him? The moment he draws, he might get his gun taken and used against him, but if he doesn't draw he might get beat to death or otherwise permanently f'd up.

He'd have been justified to shoot the dude attacking him, but he should also be severely reprimanded for his failure. Remedial training is also in order as well as reminding all other officers to follow proper procedure and get backup if needed.
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