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I've more experience with Colts (1851, 1860, & Second Model Dragoon) than Remingtons but based on my recent experience with a Euroarms 1858, I'm really liking the Remington.

I found that by lubricating the 1858's cylinder base pin well with Ballistol, I was able to keep the gun running without it gumming up too much. After two or three cylinders full, I pulled the base pin, wiped it off, and relubed. In 5 cylinders' worth of shooting I had not a single cap jam, something I can't say for any of the Colt repros I've shot.

The Remingtons are easier to field strip, IMO. Lower the loading lever, slide out the cylinder base pin, and take out the cylinder.

Remington sights beat Colt sights hands-down.
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