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Yep, and this guy just wants to figure out, naively, a good way to attempt an initial nonlethal interaction.

In many houses, we have panic alarm buttons that sound very loud and unpleasant sirens, etc. Upon hearing, break in - press the button.

I agree that I'm not deploying a weapon with blanks. In a Steve Moses class, we did a scenario where one did come across the break in. What to do! It is easy to say just shoot them. But should you challenge?

What if the dudes don't follow commands? Not attack you but just stroll to the door? The best one is when one of the burglars decided that he would take a leak on your living room couch while you were yelling tough guy crap at them.

Not to hjiack the thread but the tactical issue of a challenge to a burglar vs. immediate gun fire vs. hunkering down in the safe room, etc. is not an unknown conversation in self-defense circles.

I had two guy semi-comply and one guy slowly walk towards me, saying he didn't speak English and with a smile. So do you shoot him?

I did after a warning.
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