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this is ignorant the same way it is ignorant for someone to ask why you could possibly need an ak 47. or hunters dont need shotguns that hold 20 rounds or no one can possibly hunt with an ak47 or why do you possibly need magazines with a capacity to hold more than ten rounds.

oh wait that is for the guy who is shooting blanks. it is quicker to empty and reload that way.

blanks have but 3 purposes in life. to start races to fire grenades and to practice. the last being only half true as many automatics need a real round to cycle the action properly.

as for my gut it took years of disability to get it this way.

there are no dumb questions but there are ignorant. ignorant means total lack of knowledge as in you know so little you dont even know how utterly deranged that is .

kinda like why did the police shoot him 27 times. well all 7 officers felt in fear of their life or a fellow officers life when he pointed his weapon at him so they all decided indecently to stop that threat at the same time.

or why didn't they just try to shoot him in the leg or shoot the gun out of his hand. well that might work but you would be here screaming foul when the officer under stress missed that small target and kill a little old lade 2 blocks away.

or well you get the picture. ignorant is complete and total lack of knowledge on the subject. i am not addressing our poster here has he isn't ignorant as he stated it was a dumb idea.

there are just somethings in life that should click in your brain. in this case the lack of such basic knowledge would preclude the friend using a weapon for defence. as posted he should get a dog and alarm bars for the windows a cell phone for police and a living will for him and his family for when he gets his or their ass handed to them.

ok folks this is my opinion and we all know the saying. this said i cant smell ars thru the computer so i would love to hear yours.
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