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Here's a couple - -

Any 230 gr jacketed bullet made for the .45 ACP, with 7.5 gr. of 231 will give you about 800 fps from a 5.5 to 6" barrel.

The Speer 260 gr JHP with 7.2 gr. of 231 should run about 725 fps.

Do you want to use jacketed bullets to avoid leading? If you'll consider lead bullets, the 200 gr. SWC with 7.3 gr. of 231 runs about 850 and is quite mild to shoot.

I've been shooting 230 lead round nose ACP bullets over 8.0 gr. of 231 in my S&W Mountain Gun in .45 Colt for IDPA style matches. I get around 840 fps in my 4" barrel - - probably similar to the old .45 S&W Scofield load.

What kind of revolver are you shooting? What barrel length?

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