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any thoughts on the cylinder gap article?

Hi, all. I wrote that piece and am wondering if that type of subject matter is interesting to the readership, or not so much. Denny was kind enough to print it and I might try my hand at some other writing if people found it worthwhile. However, I don't want to do it if people find it contrary to the style of the magazine. Regards.
I for one liked it. Don't think you mentioned how many rounds you fired at each setting. What do you think the reason was that you got a jump in speed at 0.005" gap (IIRC), ammo related or actually a setting that game higher speeds? Showing ES and SD could have helped explain it.

Anyway, I liked the article, and in my opinion it suits SWAT just fine, not as the majority of content, but as interesting complimentary content. (If that reasoning was understandable...)
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