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If you go to the Ruger website and use Adobe to blow up the drawing to 300%, you'll see that part #5, the indicator, has a through hole and is trapped by the blind pin.

Indeed it is. Indeed it is. But it's not trapped by much. I took a pair of Vice Grips and pullled that sucker out like an old world dentist would have pulled a bad tooth. Had to give it some elbow grease, but that sucker pulled. I figured, what's the worst that can happen. I'll have to ditch it and get a competition barrel. Oh my, how awful.

Took it to the range tonight. Put 160 rounds through it. Not one jam. Not one failure to fire, not one failure to feed, not one failure to eject. Which is more than I can say when the indicator was there. When it was there, I was getting jams about once every twenty rounds, due to that frickin thing.

Should have bought a used Mark II. But now I have a 'customized' Mark III. And I no longer have a piece of metal blocking my chamber from the round going into it.

Yes, it's no longer 'pristine' and I'll never be able to sell it (never sold a gun. probably never will) But that barrel (or whatever) was scarred by the indicator in the first place. And it was causing jams. Aftermarket ruger competition barrels don't have that 'safety'. And no longer does mine.
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