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Dear Shooter:
Mistakenly, groundhog hunters often carry their loaded rounds in their shirt pocket where on hot summer days they pick up sweat and are fired causing, later, a fine film of rust in the chamber - believe me, a rusty chamber (even a fine almost invisible film) will make it very hard to get the bolt open.
Is this a new rifle? If so there could be some other issue.
Get a small lite and with the bolt out check the chamber! It should be shiney.
Are you shooting factory? If so it should work perfectly. NEVER, NEVER shoot anyone elses handloads! I know shooters who will start at the maximum load and go from there (up)!
Now, if you see your chamber is rough or has a fine film of brown rust in it you can polish that out using 240 sandcloth, or even finer.
"Bolt Lift" once thought to be an indicator of high pressure cannot now work due to modern CNC machinery cutting almost perfect matching parts.
How does your case look at the head? If there is an ejector imprint on your fired case pressure is way high or headspace is long.
Other than a rusted/rough chamber I cannot tell!
Harry B.
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