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of all the tripe that is on newsstands, the only magazines i am interested in reading are SWAT, SOF, and American Handgunner.

i just got through sorting out 5 years worth of everything else thats been polluting my bookshelves. four boxes of garbage is what i've come up with so far. granted, half of that is maxim and stuff or fhm, but i was surprised at all the other ones i'd picked up over the years like 'concealed handgun', 'guns', 'tactical knives', to name but a few.

only a small segment of what SWAT offers is applicable solely to military or law enforcement. i'd estimate that 95% of all products they review are available to the average joe. the political articles are for everyone, and there is always something topical, whether its security on the border, the aftermath of natural disasters, etc.
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