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Is it for LEOs, and not "the rest of us"?
NO. I didn't even pick up a copy of the magazine to look at it for a long because I thought that.
I was stupid.
I missed out on a lot of good info because of that (I bought a lot of back issues to make up for it).

The staff is first-rate. It's like a "who's-who" of training, security, and LEO. I've gained a lot just from the articles about training. I like to hear from trainers- those that see countless guns, gear, ammo, and techniques who tell us those that work or fail.
The hardware tests are just icing for the SWAT cake. The columns are excellent, due both to the writers and the subjects they cover. The first thing I read every month is the "Training and Tactics" column by Louis Awerbuck.

I wouldn't pick it up for a while, but now SWAT is one of the very few "gun magazines" that I take. The others are ones that come with a membership like the NRA's American Rifleman, or pretty specialized magazines like Precision Shooting. I could live without them. I never really looked forward to the next issue of any magazine, but I do now. When SWAT went to 12 months, it was like Christmas.

So, yeah, it's OK.
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