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Cross-dominant right-eyed lefty here.

I fired scoped rifles with a blind through my weak eye for a number of years with a blind attached to block my right and eventually learned to disregard the right-eye info.

I employ the Quell stance for handguns, which will require a description since I can't find a picture.

Left-handed Quell stance:
Right foot pointed towards the target. Left foot pointed 90* off to the left. Upper body centered above the left foot so that it's supporting all the weight.
Both legs straight.
Bring left arm horizontal across the body as far as it will go.
Left arm locked straight.
right hand cupped under left (not around the firearm).
right elbow pressed firmly against lower ribcage.
Left cheek weld on left bicep.

Voila! Most of the cross-dominant folks I know just kinda instinctively do this.
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