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Stance: Iscoceles period end of story!

The "BEST" stance is a modified Iscoceles.
#1 If you are in law enforcement, better to get shot in the vest straight on then shot in the arm shooting weaver and have the rd go through arm and into chest cavity where vest doesn't protect.

#2 Check out the best shooters in the country no weaver stances with them.

#3 Why add stress and strain to your shooting positon, pushing and pulling with your hands and arms what idiot though of this OH the LEO who want to get famous.

#4 When shooting weaver you have a tendancy to wobble left to right and when shooting Isco you have a tendency to wobble up and down. Humans and targets are usually taller then they are wider.

Modified would be with elbow slightly bent, square to the target, remember the only thing here that moves is the shooters trigger finger. I know alot of people will disagreed with me so here are some of my accolades:

3 Time Police Pistol Comabt State Champion
Won 3 gold Medals at Police Oylmpics
Shot perfect score in Police Olympics with a Service Auto
Police Sniper, Sub gun Instructor, Dept., County, State and Police Academy certified Firearms Instructor, I could write all day about myself but this is just a few so you know that I'm not BS-ing you.
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