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In addition to the above...

Recoil springs in autos can be tailored to the shooter. The two extremes are a death grip holder shooting full charge 'earthquake' ammo compared to a rather soft holding shooter using powder puff loads.

Obviously, the full charge ammo requires heavier springs. Not just for the ammo, but the deathgrip shooter will brace the frame of the gun against the recoil more effectively.

The condition known as 'weak-wristing' can be cured by a lighter spring. However, that gun in someone else's hands might be subject to frame beating.

Back in my misspent youth, I had a Government Model and a LW Commander, both in 45 ACP. I used full load ammo and they functioned well with 22# springs. My current wadcutter target pistol runs a 14#.

Essentially, you make the spring fit your shooting style.
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