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Remington 700P Bolt Sticking

I just purchased a 700P LTR in .308. I took it to the range yesterday to start breaking it in. I was shooting Black Hills .308 Win Match, 175 Gr Moly.

The bold cycles nicely without a cartridge in the chamber. It cycles an unfired cartridge nicely. When I actually shot the rifle, the bolt would turn upward, and then it stuck. I had to move the rifle a bit to get some leverage, and was finally able to get the bolt back to eject the spent round.

I continued to have similar problems through all thirty rounds that I shot. (I cleaned out the bore after every shot for the first ten, and then every other shot.) Only one time did the fired casing eject without what I would deem to be excessive force having to be used.

Is this just a break-in issue? (I noted that the shooter next to me had what appeared to be a hunting 700 of some kind, and his bolt cycled the spent cartridges out very nicely.) Any thoughts you might have would be welcome.
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