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Hey guys, I was wondering if the pro-gun organizations (NRA,GOA,State Org's, etc.) had ever really talked together about convening a "2nd Amendment Summit". I know there are differences, but everyone is included the same war, just different battles. Convening a summit of "allin the pro-gun arena", to clearly focus on a particular subject, much like "Conspiracy against rights" makes sense to me. Didn't the Klintonites just convened a "violence on the family" summit and then not invite the NRA. Many and I mean many of the people I run into say the same thing to me. "Why can't all of the pro-gun organizations get together and stop this anti-second amendment movement. Together (the $ would be there), they would be a lot more effective".
I don't know, is it just pro-gun politics (each group wanting their own stand as king of the mountain?) or are should we move to gather the groups together and fight these battles together until we win the war?
Thanks for hearing me out, but I may not have the big picture.
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