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Ok guys..

I spent on hour talking to GOC (the Calif wing of GOA). We covered a lot of stuff, much pertenent to Calif but also general stuff, so check this out:

The GOC rep said that we (gunowners) don't have the money and legal resources that HCI et al have...they have lots of pro-bono attorneys. Thats why they (pro-gun orgs) seem to be so slow pursuing legal methods...they want to have solid airtight cases cuz they will have blown all their money, and a loss would likely result in a tailored defense.

We addressed this before but it merits further investigation. Check your local courts and find out filing fees for various types of law the GOC rep said many are as low as $40.

Lets approach this methodically; suits filed in a zillion jurisdictions have no defense. As much as I'd love to come on like a crazed rampaging bull, if just being a frenzied bee in a hive works...winning is whats important. You all know we can't continue as things have been, we are being picked apart.

Right now you can do something constructive by just gathering info...its free, you'll learn something and it furthers the cause.

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"

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