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Also there is a # 1075 cap out there that might be what you need. Don't know how readily available they are, but I know they exist. if you have the cylinder out of the pistol you can see real well if the caps are seating. Set the cylinder face doen, (Nipples Up) and then put caps on one or two nipplesand seat me with your finger, then pick up the cylinder to see if the cap is seated. if it looks like they are a 1/16 or 1/32 high(per height of a bare nipple) then they are toosmal. if they slid on an seat with what looks lik the thickness of the cap and are snup they are a good fit. If they slide on bottom and are loose on the nipple, then they are too big. I have three cylinders that I use Two are Euroarms and one is Uberti. .....Yep two take # 10's and One takes #11's that is a hassle trying to remember which is which, so I'll change the one out to match the other two.
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