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Good evening and again, many thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions, most appreciated.

The gap at the front of the cylinder is .003 uncocked and cocked it is to snug for any of my gauges. That the caps all fire on the 2nd try though suggest to me the hammer is hitting the nipples well enough though.

As far as how tight the mainspring is, it isn't soft nor super hard but not having anything else to compare the hammer's draw with it's a subjective test I guess. I'll say it isn't wimpy and leave it at that.... The only screw is the one anchoring the foot of the spring and it is snug so unless I am not seeing something the tension cannot be adjusted.

At this stage I am inclined to agree with the consensus relating to trying a different brand of caps. I picked up some #10 Remingtons today (the one store I stopped at had no #11's). Tomorrow I try another for some #11 Remingtons and hopefully the rains will have stopped as the range is up a hill with a dirt road which kept me at home today. Popping just caps in the backyard will go over no better than using the kitchen sink for cleaning up the rig after the first shooting did with my better half so I need to do my testing at the range tomorrow or the next day.

I'll let you know how the other brand of caps fare and again, many thanks for all your feedback. This is a really fine forum here with great folks offering up valuable expierence and knowledge.

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