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Have you tried to use feeler guages in front of the cylinder? If, at rest, you have X gap, but cocked top fire, you have X plus 15 thousandths gap, you have too much cylinder travel, the hand spring is pushing the cylinder so far forward you cannot get reliable ignition.

The hammer SHOULD hit the cones when you try to dry fire, though you should not do so. As you know, mashes the cones. If you have so much clearance that the cylinder puts the cones and caps out of reach of the hammer, well, so much for Uberti being superior.

The other is the main spring is too weak, or the screw is loose, to make it less tensioned.

There are them who are trimming the nipples to get a thou or so clearance, hammer to nipple, to be able to dry fire. I don't think that is you, as you have a new pistol.

Should shoot well, out of the box. Should at least SHOOT, out of the box, whether you can hit the target is up to where it shoots, and how you regulate it. You CAN regulate it, bring it on target.

If it doesn't, back it should go.


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