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Good morning and thank you for your feedback. I purchased the gun new via Taylor. I have shot 80 rounds through it so far (20 balls left in my first box which I am still working on honey-do-list permitting). I have religiously not dry fired the gun based on the advice of expierenced owners regarding how not to damage the nipples. I went ahead as you suggested and inspected each nipple however and all seem to be in new condition (no peening or disfigurement that I can see).

Given the newness of the gun I don't suspect a weak spring, is that a common problem?

I then checked the hammer's strike angle, twice actually, using Low Key's grease method. The first time w/Crisco and it appreared to be fairly well distributed across the cap's face though hard to see, the second check was with a mixture of bee's wax and neatsfoot oil that I cooked up and it even lifted the cap off the nipple when I drew the hammer back after seating it. On that try it also appeared to have left no 1/2 moons. The reason for the 2 trys is the Crisco was sort of hard to see and the other mixture isn't quite as clear and somewhat easier to see on the cap. I used a #11 CCI cap, which is the recommended cap as per A. Uberti's literature, both times.

Should the cap have lifted off the nipple so easily as it did the 2nd time? I have another round of nipples but given that it missfires on all of the existing ones most of the time I think that fact points to something other than the nipples themselves. I suspect the #10 fits alittle tighter than the #11"s, correct? I have found myslf having to give them a shove with a hardwood dowel sometimes to seat them (or what appears to be seated). I have a straight line capper but using my fingers seems to be easier so I sort of put it aside.

I am in agreement with Steve on the gun not giving anything up to a modern handgun (other than the smoke and mess). When it does work it is just as accurate at 50 ft as my S&W Mdl 39 and even more so than my Springfield 1911A1. It shoots high and slightly to the left but after that was obvious I adjusted my aiming point and the rounds are right dead center for the most part.

Any other advice as to how to cure this ailment? Taylor, from what I have read, will ensure owner satisfaction, I am just hoping to avoid having to mail it back (and forth) as I work overseas and am home on a 2 month vacation and would rather be out shooting than waiting for the UPS truck. Thanks again, most appreciated...

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