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What am I doing wrong (w/1860 Army Colt)

I recently purchased an 1860 Army (A. Uberti) Colt .44. Seems that it misfires more often than not. I generally have to try each cap twice and on the second effort it always fires. I Started with #11's then shifted to #10"s, seems to make no difference. I thought that the wedge was not in far enough and this was creating to much space on the rear side of the cylinder but when I put the wedge in until just before the cylinder starts to bind it makes no difference so I'm not sure that was a problem. I do check for bits of caps that have fallen in front of the hammer mechanism and flick them out when that happens so that isn't the problem either. I run a pick in the nipples prior to each use and fire a cap initially to clear out the nipples before loading up and commencing (trying) to shoot. I must be overlooking something or these rigs where not to be relied upon by orginal users in the ole days. Any thoughts, advice would be greatly appreciated. It's a real fun rig when it works but I'm not sure if all the post cleanup is worht the agravation, Thanks in advance...
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