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I also have to put a small piece of "opaque" tape over my non-shooting eye. I'm right handed, left eye dominant. If I don't, sometimes I can see another gun coming in from a different angle. I also keep glasses in my shooting bag that are taped off for right or left eye shooting. I've learned to shoot left handed in bullseye/international, but shoot right handed when I do the action stuff. If you can learn to shoot with both eyes open-do it! I have a tremor in my right arm, tennis elbow in my left, and need glasses. Try and keep both eyes open, wether you tape the non-dominant eye or not. There might be less fatigue on the shooting eye. BTW I also do Summer Biathlon and started out with a right handed rifle. It got to the point when I came into the shooting range I could'nt see the 50 meter target correct. The black circles all looked like half moons and I could'nt tell if I hit a target or not....Solution....Buy a $3000 Anschutz 1827 Fortner in left hand and learn to shoot lefty! It might have been cheaper for me to get laser surgery on my right eye
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