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Incipient Head Separation?

Hi Rifle Gurus,

I have a very accurate Sako rifle, that is less than 2 years old, and have
passed less than 300 rounds through it. 270 win

I have been using the same 100 cases throughout this time, and all
cases have probably been reloaded no more than 4 times.

I have been using fairly moderate loads.

Some of these loads may have been full length resized at least a couple of times,
but I have a neck sizing die that I know is easier on the cases. I tried to adjust the resizing die so that it was not setting the back the shoulder much if at all.

Some of the cases are now showing some odd characteristics. There is a 1/5 inch long
shiny partial circumference, 1/3 inch from the extraction groove on some cases. Using a
sharpened paper clip I seem to be able to feel a slight thinning in the case at the same point on the inside of the case.

Is this normal behaviour? It is very regular, and is being expressed in exactly the same way on each case.

Why? One batch of full length resizes were a little dirtier than they should have been and were a bit sticking in the resizing die...could this have placed too much tension on them when I raised the die?

Could this be a problem with the case manufacture?

Am I being a total ninny and worrying about nothing?

Any suggestions?


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