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thanks for all the good suggestions. I am at work now but will try to do the magic marker thing over the weekend.

As far as accuracy is concerned it is pretty good but to be honest I have not benchrested it. Certainly within 2 to 3 inches at 50 yards or so. Only shot it for fun and did not really focus on finding the real accuracy.

The gun has a 308 caliber stamp on it. So I assume it is 308. My feeling is that the RCBS small base die "MAY" do the job. With the Lee die cranked down as much as possible, I can get an empty shell to fit and close the bolt with LOTS of force! Opening is even harder, hat to hit the bolt with a rubber hammer to get it out again. So the RCBS may do it, maybe not.

Will post on what I find on the balackened cartridge.

Thanks guys!
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