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Lost another one!!

My oldest son pulled out my Remington pump 30-06 last night. He asked me if I would trade him that old-but-perfect "760" for his Browning A-Bolt 7mm Mag.

I'm sure that sounds like a good deal to most of you but, I just really like that ole pump-gun. I'm gonna trade him because I know he will use it a grillion times more than I ever will.

Here's the question. I had a really good recoil pad on the 30-06 and will put one on the Browning also. My hunting loads (165 grain Sierra boattail hollow points) ran about 2450fps.

I don't need the ballistic performance that max loads of 7mm Mag produce. I've heard that by cutting way back on powder can cause pressure problems similar to using too much powder. Is this correct? Could somebody give this oledude a recipe for really tame, but accurate 7mm Mag loads?

How can too little powder cause pressure problems?
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