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9mm not good enough for turkey?

While I have heard of this before in other states, I am still amazed. Did the game warden ever once mention, that you should perhaps not venture out on your hike? I would think common sense should have led him to at least suggest an alternative.

On the positive side, You were intelligent enough to plan on protecting your family. Maybe you should consider a game warden position, you are obviously more intelligent than said warden.

Turkeys are very tough if not hit in the CNS area. I know a man who shot a turkey 3 times with a 3 1/2" 12 ga...none of which hit the CNS area...and the turkey continued on to live another day.

Interesting Fact: Here in MI many people hunt them with Bows and arrows...occasionally they do run a SHORT distance. Unless of course, said turkey flies into a tree, dies, falls, and GETS STUCK, 20 ft. in the air!!!

Honestly, a true story I've seen it on film.
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