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I'm not sure what's going to happen on the border but I do know for a fact there are a lot of folks arming themselves and gearing up for what they feel is an inevitable fight. I have also "heard" there are some small groups of folks that are crossing into Mexico disabling some vehicles and even "taking out" some drug locations in some of the border towns that have produced the most problems with smugglers. The Mexican military is supporting the smuggler. There is no doubt about that. I saw a rough video that was taken around Naco that showed an encounter with the Mexican military that was pretty spooky. The military saw these unarmed gringos with cameras walking along the border. The military showed up with weapons on the other side of the barb wire fence and all but threatened the Americans because they had cameras. Lots of things going on down there and some of the civilians that are actively working the border don't want any part of being in an article or magazine. There's an old saying on the border of "SSS" "Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up" I'm not saying that is happening but I am saying there are folks that are protecting what is theirs.
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