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Thanks for the article Jeff!

I won't take up too much of y'alls time with a lengthy post here (My full views on the subject can be read about on my blog, just ask and I'll get the link to you).

However; I currently live in Northern AZ and frequently visit the in-laws in Phoenix. I also have a close friend of mine living in Bisbey, that I speak with about this issue from time to time (i.e. about twice a month). Through my own eyes, through eyes of those I trust completely, and through as much open-source intel as I can find on the subject, it is clear... we MUST lock down the border....we MUST locate, identify, and deport ALL illegals in this country, and we MUST restructure our current immigration laws to include harsh punishment for violators.

I would agree that this issue is sorely understated in the press; the other ACTUAL happenings are horrifying. The good ol' US of A is NOT JUST being victimized (yes, I said it...VICTIMIZED) by criminal tresspassers, drug runners, rapists, murderers, etc. The most horrifying aspect about all this is that we are ALSO being INVADED. Research it folks. On average, our borders, it's agents and our people, are being attacked (i.e. shoot-outs, to make it as easy as possible to understand) AT LEAST twice a month by forces of another country (Mexico)- ON OUR OWN SOIL! And yet we choose to sit back and allow it; no...that isn't quite right - we DEFEND those people that break existing immigration laws, take our jobs, distribute mind-altering substances to our children, force us to pay for benefits they should not be entitled to, etc... I don't understand the logic this country; sans a few brave souls (JEFF) that use their voice and report the truth.

The peace-nic,do-gooders of this country need to wake up and smell the cordite. This "situation", as some have called it, has gone well beyond peaceful economic burden. Like it or not this "situation" has gotten progresively worse over the years, and will continue to do so-unless/until we, as a country, make a stand and do what is right for US!

Thank you Jeff! The article was first-rate, informative (providing another dimension to my ever-increasing knowledge base), and sound.


The state which separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools. (Thucydides/ The Peloponnesian Wars)
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