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Thank your for your service. May whatever forces you believe in bring you home safely and victorious.

Many of us feel frustrated and somewhat ashamed we cannot support you better—but we will be here waiting for your return.


- - - - -

Now, to all those in favor of keeping our borders “free and open”:

If the legal/illegal concept of entering America doesn’t bother you, set it aside for just a moment.

Perhaps you could form an opinion based on those who come here to illegally import marijuana, cocaine and other illegal and (mostly) very harmful illegal drugs into our country.

Or, if you favor complete “free choice” for “recreational drugs”, you can also set that aside for a moment.

In fact, just for a moment, you can even set aside violations of laws concerning border crossing, trespassing, wanton destruction of American property, killing of Americans’ pets and livestock, assault, rape and murder of American people, illegal use of our emergency services, extensive use (and abuse) of our welfare system and incredible and needless amounts of money, time, effort and other resources in our public school system—all due to so-called illegal “immigration”.

All this is happening, but for just a moment, set it aside.

Further, again just for this moment, let’s even set aside all illegal Latin Americans entering our country!

Pretend, for just a moment, all this is not happening.

You may even set aside all those who exhibit love and loyalty to the chaotic and corrupt cultures from which they fled rather than to the country which feeds and houses many of them at citizen expense. Just set it all aside for a moment.

Is THAT enough “set aside” for you?

Now, quietly and calmly, consider the threat of international terrorists of every stripe entering our country in unknown numbers for unknown purposes—“gentle” people who believe in killing as many “infidels” as possible. (I’ll bet that you and your families are also “infidels”.)

That, by itself, is reason enough to overhaul our concepts of immigration—concepts which should begin by controlling and monitoring whom we permit to enter our country.

Or does September 11, 2001 not mean anything to anyone any more?

- - - - -

By the way, go out and look under the bridges, in the parks and in the streets of America. Unless and until you open your home to the homeless already in America, it is irresponsible and hypocritical to advocate that we open our country to everyone who wants to come here whenever and however they may desire.

The time is long past that we must close our borders. We must control immigration. It is America’s responsibility to protect our loyal, hard-working and peaceful citizens (and their property). Let’s begin by protecting those who live in border areas—after all, many of those are “minorities” too.
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