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Yeah jeff, that's it, take them from living 8 to a one bedroom and working 12 hour days for 2 bucks an hour and imprison them with less people while making them work less...that's it. When did everyone forget that we're all human, and we all want better lives for ourselves and our families. (emphasis mine)
While I think your overstating the facts with your description of illegal alien housing and wages, even if what you say is 100% correct, so what? When did you forget that we are a nation of laws and that each and every illegal alien is thumbing their nose at our laws? Even our Founding Fathers iterated the right of a nation control immigration and its borders. The individuals that are citizens of another nation and insist on denying us that right by illegal immigrating solely because they personally disagree with our laws or just don’t care because they view their own needs as more important than our own is exactly they kind of person we do not want in this country. Nor do we desire their descendants.
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