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BTW: as a side note to the whole thread, when I originally took on the assignment of doing this article I thought the border issue was hyped. I thought these folks are making a big deal out of a few poor mexicans coming into this country to work at jobs we won't do. To be honest with you I wasn't on either side of this issue. After meeting and talking with good people, honest people, like Bob Maupin, Ron Stone and some that don't want their name mentioned, and seeing the wake of destruction left behind by these "poor migrants," I decided to take a side. The rigth side. While some may not believe it, there is a small scale war going on at the border. There ARE people dying and continues to be gunfire exchanged between the criminals and the land owners. There is literally tons of drugs crossing the border every day. George Bush and other politicians would have us believe that it's really not a big deal - that these "vigilantes" are over-stating the problem. They're lying to the American public. I urge everyone to go spend some time on the border and see for yourself.
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