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My own ancestors were from Scotland. When they got here, they called themselves Americans and were proud of it.
I'll second that.

My parents were from Italy. Italian was their first language. Yet they flat out refused to speak it in our home, much to my adult chagrin. Still, I understood their reasoning: there is a very big difference between Heritage and Nationality. Their Heritage was Eye-Talian and they have always been proud of that, as am I. They chose their Nationality as Americans, and have always been even more proud of that. They were embraced and they thrived.

Tonight I made dinner. It included my Mom's recipe for artichokes, stuffed with chopped artichoke stems, garlic, salt and pepper. Olive oil drizzled over the top, then boiled 'till done. Main course was New York Strip. Side dish...fatback and beans. Great combination!

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