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Hey jeff, what about the people who've lived here their whole lives who still don't speak english?
In no other country in the world would you be capable of doing this.

If you've been here your entire life, and still can't make yourself understood in English, then you're not trying.

If you can't understand English, then you can't understand the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or any of the other things that make America America.

If you've been here your whole life, and still can't muddle your way through the language, then you're not bothering to understand America. You can't be bothered to become American.

You can't be bothered to become American, then you need to stay exactly what you are. And you can best do that in your own country.

If you are coming to America to become an American -- as did the immigrants of times past -- then I welcome you.

American is for Americans. My own ancestors were from Scotland. When they got here, they called themselves Americans and were proud of it.

If you are coming to America so that you can be a Mexican in America, or a Palestinian in America, or any other nationalty except American, then get out.

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