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Hi Harley,

Thanks for the post. I agree with you that it's going to come to a head down there. I hate it for everyone involved. I truly do. The rancher as well as the immigrant who's just trying to make a better life for himself. You see, that's what one person on this board doesn't get. I don't blame any of these folks for coming to America to better themselves, but it's not my problem or concern. I'm on the side of the law and what's legal. That's the way I was raised, and you can't reward law breakers and maintain the way of life and system that's made this country so great. It is not any legal citizens responsibility to help, take care of, or pay (through taxation) for anyone who can't abide by the rules, laws and langauge of our great nation. I consider it un-American to think we should forgive law breakers and allow them to suck off our social welfare programs.

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