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Jeff I am on your side and the side of the Law, Honest.

Like I said it is a start and you have some cahones to get into the thick of it.

I have a friend who moved down into the area South of Tucson and they are having problems themselves.

I was e-mailing him the other day about moving out of the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles Norte) and going down there and getting right smack in the thick of it.LOL

He has been telling me some stories and I got to tell you it is coming to a head and it is not going to go away until something drastic is done.

I just hope it is not going to turn into killings and then more killings because of revenge. I think these people really think they have a right to come here because of the way we have foo fooed the laws.

I believe troops should be down there for training and part of that training is catching and putting a stop to these illegal acts and open walk all over peoples rights.

I just read a book about the forming of Texas and then the civil war and the problems they had after the war and finally something was done. Some bad stuff happened and I see it similar now.

I appreciate your post to me and I also enjoyed the artice.
I hope Morris Dee will wake up and realize how wrong he is.

I see similar actions like the book Robert Ruark wrote "Something of Value"
About the mau mau in Kenya only I see this in reverse.

Can you imagine if these persons start terrorist activity in the lower So West, we are going to see major blood shed. Shoot on sight would not surprise me, and then high tail it back to Mexico. Or reverse Kill um, and let um lay.

Human rights I am all for it. But just because you want something does not give you (them) the right to break the law to get it.

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