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I'm still wondering where some people get the idea that it's a person's (or country's) duty to help another person whether he's a saint or a criminal? It is not my duty as a person to sacrfice anything to help anyone else. If that be the case then all these do-gooders should pay my mortgage, just because I feel they owe it to me.

I say to all of these people who feel sorry for the poor migrant worker and his family: YOU pay for the medical care and social services they are robbing from this country and get it off of my tax bill. I don't owe these criminals (and make no mistake about it, that's what they are) a damn thing.

Self-righteous fanatics that think we owe the world a better living are worse than the people coming here expecting a better living. Like I said if "We" owe it then they can pay it because I'm tired of supporting someone who has little (if any) respect for the American flag and the American way of life.
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