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As for being an extreme arrogance in the hispanic community over 'foolishly' thinking they might have a right to this land (in arizona, no less!), is it any less arrogant for you to believe you have a right to it? (how white of you!)
- I don't go into other countries and disobey their laws.
- I don't illegally cross the border of another country
- I don't take residence in another country that didn't say it was okay for me to be there.
- I don't assume just because I am allowed in another country that all my family, ancestors and everybody else of the same country I'm originally am from has those same rights.
- I don't act like I have the same rights and privileges or even act like I should have more than those of a country that I'm a "guest" in or even worse, am illegally in and am a criminal myself just for being in the country that never gave me approval to be there.
- Last, but not the least. If I were to plan to take residence in another country, I will at least learn and accept their language rather than have the ignorance that the people of my new home should learn mine.

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