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Our Turkeys Are Tough Too!

Today, my wife and family went for a nice nature hike. This was on public land. This was also opening weekend for our Spring turkey season.

When we pulled into the parking lot, we started to load up. I had a 9mm on a belt holster and a single shot shotgun. A game warden approached us and asked if we were going to be turkey hunting. I replied that we were going on a nature hike. He told us that on opening weekend, only turkey hunters that were selected by draw could access this area. I told him the guns were for protection and that I did not intend to shoot anything.

He then told me that because of turkey season, on this weekend no one without a draw permit could enter the area with a shotgun. He said it is considered a gun capable of taking a turkey. I asked him about my nine.

He said there was no problem with that gun.

I guess our turkeys are so tough that a 9mm is not capable of taking one. Up until now I thought only our deer were involved with BALCO. I guess the turkeys learned something from our deer.
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